Why work experience is good

Last week I didn’t post a proper blog post because I was super busy. Generally, I manage to get an Errant Science blog post done even when I’m snowed-under with work but last week was different, last week I had to look after teenagers. In the UK when you’re about 17 …

Fact: Zombie bunnies are real!

Need braaaains

I’m super tired this week. I’ve driven like 600 miles in the last 5 days and spent the last two days looking …

A sketched summary of the data in the paper on water+alcohol monolayer collapse

Self publicising my paper

Hi… Hello! We’re going with the ‘talking to yourself’ gimmick again? Yup, it had a pretty luke-warm reception last time but I’m optimistic …


You can haz PDF

Oh, how I wish life in science was simple… Actually, scratch that – I love complicated, messy and sometimes explode-y science. Oh, how …


No PDF for you

About 3 months ago, I had a paper published – there was much rejoicing. Since then I have been planning on doing a big …

Toptip: If your mysterious chemical has gone off, don't open it

Storage sillyness

After several months of fighting with a laser system I am finally getting back to slightly firmer ground (at lease educationally, for …

No 3D printer is complete without replicating a little minecraft.

A gallery in 3D

Today I wrote a guest article for the online magazine Inside 3DP because… well they asked nicely. First you should totally go …

It's rare that code problems can't be solved with a pizza menu

Managing bugs

Since starting my new post-Doc on project VADR (never gets old!) I’ve not really talked about my other side-projects from my time …

Hair vs fibre

A week of science in photos

This last week has been pretty visual and photogenic. Considering I normally work with things that are either not visible to the human eye or things so bright they’d fry my camera this was a nice change. So this post is a visual record of what I spent my time doing.