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Infographic: Twitter users

An infographic (in pieces) on the types of people on twitter, based on an original idea by Jojo Scoble. A version of this …

Timeline of me!

An introduction to me!

TL;DR – My name is Matthew Partridge (aged 31 and 3/4) and I work as a post-Doc at Cranfield University in the UK.

Van of bloggin

Anniversary presents

Next week Errant Science turns 2!! Pretty exciting stuff, I know. What I’d love to do is take a bit of time …

Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions of madness

Last week I finally got round to research I a new bit of kit I need. A fancy machine for doing fancy science stuff, trust me it’ll be super fancy (when I actually buy it). So I took to the internets and found the exact kit I needed for the very reasonable price of £15,000 pounds. Sadly my grant only has enough money for a bit-less-than £15,000 pounds