Family planning


So just imagine you have a cool blog filled with amazing content and cartoons. Now you’ve worked hard on that content and …

Lazy chemist's dream

In defence of the hoard!

My lab is currently undergoing a health and safety (H&S) upgrade. We are moving from the old H&S system which was mostly based on a mutual trust between us and the chemicals that they wouldn’t try and kill us, to a system that is more based on treating most of my lab like the chemical equivalent of a deranged serial killer.

Baby testing

Acceptable losses

One of the parts of my job that I really enjoy is teaching the younger generation of scientists. Sharing my years of …

Grading system correlation

Inflated grades

So this week I had the privilege of being asked to modify my proposed grading for a student. The TL;DR version of this is that I said no and then sat down and wrote this article. Apparently there is no blog muse quite like unbridled rage.

Rocur Account

Infographic: Twitter users

An infographic (in pieces) on the types of people on twitter, based on an original idea by Jojo Scoble. A version of this …