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Terms and conditions of madness

Last week I finally got round to research I a new bit of kit I need. A fancy machine for doing fancy science stuff, trust me it’ll be super fancy (when I actually buy it). So I took to the internets and found the exact kit I needed for the very reasonable price of £15,000 pounds. Sadly my grant only has enough money for a bit-less-than £15,000 pounds

Institue of the bleeding obvious

‘The Concordate’ of repetition!

Are you a researcher working in the UK? Are you annoyed at the lack of permanent employment, the need to work many short term contracts, poor job recognition, no support for funding applications and needless pressures for targets and metrics?!

Bizare dinosaur

For bloggers; truth and respect

So today I had planned to start a new series on my blog called “The Secret Diary of a post-Doc, aged 31 and 3/4”. If the title didn’t give it away, it was to be a diary format posted once a month, detailing my world of post-Doc’ing in a style more akin to a certain similarly named novel than my usual fare.

Plenty of water

5 lab resolutions

It’s a brand new year and as tradition dictates, a time when we make impossible promises we have absolutely no intention of …