ErrantScience updates weekly (Wednesday at 13:00 GMT) and is focus on the lighter side of science, research and academia. The aim is to provide an amusing insight into the world of research with as few spelling errors as possible.

Blog post content can be anything from my current work to something that I really want to make jokes about. I’ll almost never cover topical content as this is really well covered elsewhere and I’d rather make jokes about pipetting than government policy or news headlines.

ErrantScience is written and drawn by Matthew Partridge and with edited and proof reading by Michelle Reeve.

Matthew Partridge (@MCeeP)Michelle Reeve (@MichelleAReeve)

Michelle also runs ErrantScience’s sister site ErrantScience: Clutter on which she blogs monthly and hosts a dizzying array of brilliant guest posts from scientists around the globe.

I hope you enjoy it, and if not, then tell me all about how much you hate it in comments instead!