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My devilishly good looks

UPDATE: It’s over!

So a few weeks back, the nice people at IEEE photonics messaged me on twitter and offered to give me some free stuff in exchange for my address. After checking that IEEE photonics was a real thing and not a very complex and convincing 419-scam I replied to with the polite equivalent of “OMG FREE THINGS, GIMMIE!” and my address.

As far as I know I’ve not done anything specific to get these free things (other than running a phonics photonics based blog) and the only contact I’ve previously had with IEEE was to attend one of their conferences. So I can only assume that they have sent me lots of stuff out of the goodness of their hearts and in recognition of my devilishly good looks. Whatever the reason, at the end of last week this box of stuff turned up for me.

Pile O' Stuff
Pile O’ Stuff

Anyway, as I don’t feel I’ve particular earnt this fantastic pile of loot, I thought it might be nice to give some of it away as part of a competition and by competition I mean ‘shameless attempt to garner Facebook likes’. I like to be upfront about these things.

So the deal is; if you ‘Like’ my Errant Science Facebook page you win one of the freebies (see possible things below). If you also post a comment on the page with an photonics-based fact (e.g. “firing a laser rarely sounds like ‘pew pew'”) then the people who post the top 10 most interesting facts will get to choose their freebie rather than have it randomly selected, and whoever provides the most interesting fact will also get a leatherette card and passport wallet.

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Anyone who likes my page will get something – even if I run out of freebies I will just start sending people random little personalised cartoons drawn on IEEE photonics note paper. The competition will only be open a few days and I’ll contact people via Facebook to get postal addresses and send out the freebies ASAP.

Should this get too popular, then I may start e-mailing people nice little personalised cartoons – if it REALLY gets out of hand (aka ‘goes viral’) then I reserve the right to send a bulk e-mail saying “please imagine me sending you a thing and then feeling good about it”.

Note: neither the site, nor this competition has any affiliation with IEEE Photonics – they really did just give me free stuff 🙂

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You said ‘phonics’ at one point. I assume you meant ‘photonics’, like all the others 😛


Thanks Dan!

I’ve changed it, sent an angry note to my proofreader and you can have an extra freebie (if you Like the page) for pointing out my comical error.




This is a video of my Master’s work; I built a laser trap that optically suspended water droplets. The water droplet was only suspended in the air by laser-light. This was so a more powerful laser could blast it and we could look at the debris. This is a 20s clip from a 20min video of a 10micron droplet trapped in a laser vortex.

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