What we do

ErrantScience does more than just cartoons and a blog. We’re very active in both our own outreach work and in helping others with their outreach.

Live cartooning

One service we offer is drawing cartoons for events, live! This is often known as live scribing, visual meeting minutes or graphic recording

Talks and training

We have a combined 26 years experience working in research and social media. During that time we’ve developed a range of training events to help researchers

Outreach project design

We can help you design, develop and fund a new outreach project. We have experience tracking down funding and tailoring projects

Custom cartooning

Cartoons are what ErrantScience does best. We love drawing them! But sometimes it’s nice to not have to come up with all the ideas and instead draw custom cartoons for people

ErrantScience is a science communication website and webcomic that has been running since 2016. Its primary focus is to help explain and demystify science for a wider online audience via the medium of cartoon jokes!

You can follow us on all the best social media services and through this site.


Our latest articles about what we're doing and life in science

How to survive your first lab meeting: a calming guide

It’s today: your first lab meeting. You’ve got your slides together, tested the animations and so long as that one video loads, everything should be smooth sailing. But you’re probably still worrying "What if they realise I’m an imposter?!!”. Here's 8 tips to think about and help you calm down