Gratuitous science selfie
Gratuitous science selfie

My name is Matthew Partridge and I currently work for Southampton University as a Senior Post Doc in the department/centre/group Optoelectronics Research Centre. I’ve worked at Southampton since January 2018 and before that I was at Cranfield University where I also got my PhD. Prior to that, I was Lead Researcher at Mediwatch (2004-2009) and prior to that, I was avoiding coursework at Lancaster University (2004).

My first degree was in BioChemistry and my PhD was in Fibre Optic sensors. If I had to nail down a particular area of research I would say that I develop sensors. However, I’ve worked in a wide range of areas (as my publications record can attest to) and to be honest, I just love research. I never grew out of the wide-eyed wonder that kids get at seeing science experiments.

Currently, my primary project is to develop a breath sensor for the detection of a number of diseases from kidney problems to bowl cancer.

I also run a small contract research company called Membrane Labs Ltd which primarily exists as a giant play area for me to develop products and services that are outside of my normal research area.


While working as a post-Doc for Cranfield University, I started – a departmental blog. The main purpose of this blog was to provide a single home for a whole load of educational content produced by the department. In exchange for producing this material, we also hoped to raise the profile of the department and share our work with an audience that otherwise wouldn’t necessarily see it.

The blog was a big success (well, far bigger than I feared it might be…) and while I was running it during its first 6 months, it attracted almost 13,000 unique hits from almost every country in the world. I also met and discussed our work with a huge range of people who, until our blog was available, had never heard of Cranfield, let alone the Department of Engineering Photonics. The blog now forms part of the department’s route to impact (an important part of grant applications) and is being used as a template for other blogs at the university.

However, as my work expanded beyond Cranfield towards other projects (e.g. my research company Membrane Labs Ltd) I realised that I needed a more permanent home to talk about all aspects of my work and research. So I moved my bloggy home to here,