ErrantScience and webcomic content is CC-BY-NC.

What this simplistically means is that you can use the content without asking permission, provided you say where’s it’s from and that I wrote/drew it. I don’t mind too much how you do this, but I would prefer that the accreditation has some kind of link to so that people can see the original content.

This licence is Non-Commercial. You cannot use content from this blog for any commercial purposes. This is a bit of a trickier thing to explain, but essentially I’m going to have to work this out on a case by case basis. If you want to post my content in a place that makes money either through advertising or  some other method, then I suggest you just contact us.

To be honest, we’re pretty chilled about sharing my content even for commercial purposes, so please just get in touch either via our contact page.

I would add that I am always interested in what my content gets used for, so even though it’s not required please consider letting me know. I sometimes do custom cartoon commissions and I might be able to provide better quality or modified versions.