Been a bit busy this past week; Thursday was my last day as a Research Fellow at Cranfield University and in amongst all the finishing things off, I have also been furiously working on the xBAM project. So in light of my quite hectic schedule today, I thought I’d just give a quick update on the various things I’m working on.


Currently, the biggest problem I have with the xBAM project is coming up with a name. xBAM is just a code name for the project while it’s in development but sooner or later we need to market it and for that it will need a catchy name…..any suggestions would be much appreciated. However, while not yet named, work on the xBAM has been going well and I’ve got a few first images (I’ll show them off when I’ve got some more) and the controller electronics are coming along nicely. Below is a vine video showing off simple button controls for the Raspberry Pi (I’ll post more details at a later date if people are interested).

I also started using Vine which I now think is amazing 🙂


This hasn’t got much further off the ground. We’ve fleshed out a chapter list and structure and I now have a draft of the second chapter done but I still need to get cracking with the animations soon so that I can start to see how the interactive part works with the text.

Cover of Chapter 1 with a light throw photograph

Cover of Chapter 1 with a light throw photograph

Visiting Researcher status

Now my Research Fellow position has ended, Cranfield University were nice enough to offer to keep me on as a visiting researcher. While this is an un-paid position, I get full access to the labs, offices and library services so that I can continue some of the research projects I hadn’t quite finished. This is especially useful at the moment as I am in the process of preparing three papers – and some of them may or may not need additional lab work before being finally sent off.


So busy, busy, busy. And amongst all this I’ve also got my PhD viva next week to start preparing for!

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