Update: Viva finished and passed. I’ll write up a summary next week!

So 6 months after handing in my thesis I am just a day away from my viva/PhD defence. Rather than spend today writing a blog post, I’m off to go furiously read my textbooks while I try to remember what it was that I did. So I have very quickly prepared a little infographic on the contents of my thesis to give you some idea of what I created, and what will be pulled apart by my examiners some time on Thursday (25th April) morning! Enjoy.

Thesis infographic

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Viva day – ErrantScience · 8 February 2019 at 22:17

[…] last week I had my viva, where I presented my thesis on “Fibre-optics sensors with molecule coatings”. It was, if you can believe it, quite […]

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