So my computer is having some major surgery at the moment – it needs the mother board, a processor and graphics card replaced. Honestly, I’m not sure why they haven’t just given me a new laptop… But this means I am away from my normal blogging tools and I am writing this using an iPad mini (recently acquired for a contract) which I’m not quite used to yet, so today I thought I’d do a quick update on my ToDo list instead of something more ambitious.

Progress is fun!

Progress is fun!


Last week, I launched a competition to give away a whole load of IEEE photonics freebies. So far, it’s been moderately successful – gaining me a whole bundle more Facebook likes than the last Facebook page I ran. Currently, 21 people have liked it and only one of them is a direct family member – a fact that I was initially pleased with until I thought “hang on, why haven’t my family liked my blog?!”

I had planned to close the competition on Friday last week but as I am computer-less and without full access to the Facebook account, I can’t really do that quite yet. So if you are a person wanting free things or a family member feeling guilty for not liking my Facebook page, then you have a day or two more to get in on the freebies.


Two big developments on cBAM this week.

  • Browser-based control program is now finished – meaning I have full control (including taking images) from any device that can log into a wi-fi network
  • I found out the things I ‘ordered’ 1 month ago weren’t actually ordered and shortly afterward, discovered how much banging my head on my desk hurts
  • iBook

    I lost the bit of paper with the chapter headings written on it. But it was okay – I found it again. (aka nothing has changed…)


    In the last 2 weeks, I’ve been ultra paper-productive and got two papers drafted and a conference paper outlined. My thinking is that while working as a visiting researcher at Cranfield, I should really try to publish as much of my work here before I move on to other projects.

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