I know I tend to stick to a one post a week system on this blog but I got some results yesterday that I felt I needed to share.

So as I’m sure you’ve read, I am making a BAM using 3D printing. So far the process has been one big learning exercise and every iteration teaches me a whole host of new things about 3D printing and plastics.

Look how crisp and clean all those edges are,

So angular, this model needs some smoothing

Yesterday I wanted to try out a trick I’d read about online where you use acetone to smooth the rough lines on a 3D printed model. Nicely demonstrated in this article in Wired.

Slick Trick Adds Much-Needed Shine to 3-D Printed Parts

Now I didn’t have some of the equipment to do this exactly the same as them but I thought I could have a go at cobbling something together. For example I didn’t have a heater suitable for vaporizing acetone so I reasoned that instead I would simply let it evaporate and incubate my model for longer. Below is the resulting outcome of that ‘clever’ reasoning.

Yeah pretty sure that's not better

Yeah pretty sure that’s not better

I’m thinking I may have left it in too long 😀

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