I couldn’t decided what to do for a blog post today (seriously, I made like 4 drafts before this one) so I thought I’d do a nice little ‘best of ErrantScience.com’ post. I appreciate that few of my readers see every post I put up, so here are my top 5 posts.

5. My funding ran out and I started Errant Science!

Funding cycle broken

For me the cycle of funding was over

This blog only exists because my Fellowship position at Cranfield University ended. I’ve spent most of 2013 looking for a new post-Doc job and starting my own research company. I plan to post lots more on both subjects later this year but this post is where it all started.

4. I had my PhD viva

Featured postits

Pictured: My actual thesis and my examiners tags

I weirdly really enjoyed my PhD viva day, which I think puts me in a very slim minority of people. It’s rare that a room full of people willingly sit and talk about your work with such intensity. My advice? Enjoy it!

3. Using science, I managed to multiply


Small thing

Around the middle of the year, my daughter was born. Crucially she was born without a faulty BRCA1 mutation, something which was only made possible through pre-implantation genetic diagnosis. (aka Science!)

2. Scientist vs Engineer: The final showdown

The rarely seen transformation of a scientist to an engineer

The rarely seen transformation of a scientist to an engineer

Okay fine, it wasn’t really a showdown so much as a very reasonable discussion between Siobhán McGrath and myself about science/engineering differences. We also managed to coin the term ‘Engitists’.

1. Open-Accessed my thesis

Door2Door science

Releasing my thesis and the associated data to the world wide web was by far the most rewarding thing I posted last year. I was amazed at the response and really pleased that people contacted me about my work due to its release. I was genuinely nervous about doing it but now that it’s on the web for everyone to read/scrutinise, I’ve only seen positives from it.

Next week: there are going to be some changes to ErrantScience in 2014 – stay tuned!

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