Don’t like my long, wordy blog posts? Well now you can just read the comics!

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Well, okay… this has actually existed for a while now (since April) but I’ve just about got it working in my schedule and it’s being updated regularly. In fact, comics will appear on my tumblr page before they appear in articles here. In some cases, it will be the day before, in others it will be a month or so before. Basically, the second I draw them they’ll go up there.

Also, there will be comics that go up there that don’t go up anywhere else. I draw plenty of other comics for people (on Twitter, requests or special events) that don’t make it onto so you can now see all those over on Tumblr.

Blog post content is great but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. 1000 words on volcanos or hamstercide is asking a lot from someone’s time/attention and the internet is a big and busy place so competition for that attention is fierce. As a science blogger, I am keenly aware how many others do it as well, or even better than me – and we’re all vying for readers.

So for those of you who just want a quick giggle, you can now stop scrolling past my writing and just go straight to the comics.

Of course the comics are 10x better when combined with the words they were written for, so you should totally still read the blog…. please?

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