Mini phages

Mini phages

A few weeks back I shared some very neat little 3D printed phages. I printed them up as freebies to give away to a crowd of school kids who attended a careers event I was talking at. They loved them to bits and I hopefully persuaded a few to consider a career in science.

When I showed them off online they had quite an impact as well. The message back from everyone who saw them can be loosely summed up as “OMG – I needs them!!”.

So by popular demand I’m going to give some away to some lucky winners of an ErrantScience competition. It’s been a while since the last one so I felt that it was time we ran one again. Entering is pretty simple this year:

I want you to googly eyes something from your lab/office/classroom.

What I mean by this is I want you to go find a pack of googly eyes (available from amazon or any good craft shop) and stick a pair on something from your lab/office/classroom and then send me a photo of it.

My son (6) and my daughter (2) will then look at them and pick 5 that they think are the funniest. Those 5 will receive their very own little 3D printed phage and DNA strand in the post!

Also one person will be chosen at random from all the applicants and they will win a cute Hello Kitty Vader, which is my 3D printer’s unofficial mascot.

Now the thing you ‘art attack’ can be basically anything that you think would look funny for having googly eyes. There aren’t any bonus points but if there were I’d give them out for weird things that no one else could stick googly eyes on.

My humidity generator was very surprised to hear about such an awesome competition

My humidity generator was very surprised to hear about such an awesome competition

To send me a photo you can post it direct to twitter or to Instagram with the hashtag #GooglyScience or post it on the ErrantScience Facebook page.

You can enter the competition multiple times if you want to try googly-eye-ing up multiple things in your lab/office/class.

You can enter anytime between the date of this post and 13:00 GMT on Monday the 15th of February. I’ll spend a couple of days putting them all together and announce the winners on Wednesday the 17th.

Small print bit: Any photograph submitted will be posted on at the end of the competition. However, all copyright resides with the photographer and the photos won’t be used further or published in any other form without the express permission of the photographer.  TL;DR you own the photos not me, but I will need to post them.

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