Today we’re launching a whole new part of Errant Science – the brand new and shiny sister blog: Errant Science Clutter. As I mentioned in my blog post around Christmas, Errant Science is something written and drawn entirely by me. This can sometimes mean that Errant Science has a very singular perspective which I’ve tried to broaden from time to time with guest posts by some excellent authors. But these have never quite fitted in to my regular content and I’ve struggled to make a home for them, despite wanting more of them.

So we have created Errant Science Clutter. Clutter, named after the collective name for spiders (explained more later) is designed to be a place for that alternative voice. A place to host lots of great content by other scientists (and non-scientists) on the world of research and science.

Like Errant Science, the idea of guest posts on Clutter is to be more light hearted and relaxed than other blogs providing a more irreverent voice. The whole idea is to show that science doesn’t have to be stiff and serious, it can also be self-deprecating. There will also be a regular schedule with a new guest post every month.

Now as mentioned, ErrantScience is all me and the whole point of Clutter is that it will have a different voice. So I invited Michelle Reeve to come join Errant Science and run Clutter. She already has the excellent blog ‘There’s a Spider in the Bath‘ and has the ability to write whole sentences without a single typo, which makes her far more qualified than me. She’s also a recovering spider scientist and so the name of Clutter is a nod to her arachnid wrangling days.

In addition to curating Clutter and ensuring a steady stream of excellent guest content, Michelle is also going to post a monthly blog post, so you can all read more of her excellent typo free writing. She’s also persuaded me to draw a new series of Errant Science cartoons about spiders so you’ll even get more cartoons as well. Combined with the guest posts, this will mean there’s new content ready to read on Clutter every fortnight.

You can go read Michelle’s first Clutter blog post on her viva experience here.

So as of now, we are looking for anyone that wants to come write a guest post. We’ve already got a whole bunch lined up but there’s always room for more! Michelle has written a style guide and some author notes for anyone interested that you can go read HERE.

You don’t have to be a blogger or even have blogged before, you just need to have a burning desire to write or rant about something and we’re happy to give you a place to do it!

TL;DR there’s another load of blog posts written by some excellent people to read every month, with more cartoons. Enjoy!

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