Last year ErrantScience went to the the Fringe in Edinburgh. This year ErrantScience is back at the Fringe again but BIGGER!!

This weekend (11th to the 13th of August) you can see ErrantScience in not one but two live science shows at the Fringe split over three days as part of the Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas.

Fibre optics can save the world! (11th and 13th of August)

As you may or may not know in addition to being a sarcastic blogger and cartoonist I’m also a research scientist at Southampton University specialising in combining fibre optics and clever biochemistry.

Fibre optics are an amazing bit of technology for transmitting information but not as sensors detecting cancer or making lasers to start fusion reactors. So this show is designed to firstly explain the amazing exciting history of fibre optics from crossbows to CIA code breaking. But then demonstrate how good they are by letting the audience pose any question or problem they like for me to solve live on stage using only fibre optics.

Previous example of things I’ve solved using only fibre optics include; surviving a zombie apocalypse (micron sharp spears), Donald Trump (mind controlling fibre optic brain implants), Brexit (sub dermal lie detectors) and cats peeing in gardens (high power urine activated lasers).

The School of Batman (12th of August)

Batman is the world’s greatest scientist and this show aims to prove it. School of Batman is a podcast where academics help Batman fight crime utilising their research. In this live show, it starts with a tour of some of the science of Batman on film, from the camp crusader of Adam West to the gritty realism of the Batfleck. The audience will then be involved by providing scenarios for Chris George (Figshare) and fibre optic superhero Matthew Partridge (Southampton University/ErrantScience) to solve.

The show involves some dressing up, lots of silly superhero arguments and as much real science as it’s possible to pack into an hour. To give you a taste of the show there’s even a video trailer.

So if you have time this weekend and are somewhere near Edinburgh: Come see ErrantScience being irreverent about science LIVE!

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