Hello 2019 people! It’s a new year and that means some annual ErrantScience self reflective chat. If you are interested in a bit about behind the scenes of ErrantScience keep reading. If not then scroll straight to the survey, pretty please 🙂

2018 was, to put it mildly, a bit of a struggle for ErrantScience. Michelle and I have both had crazy complicated life things going on that briefly knocked me off the internet entirely and kept Michelle so busy she began to forget what the Internet was. Despite that we did manage to keep the lights on and put out content, but some weeks barely!

Amazingly in 2018 we got more commissioned work than ever before (some of which we’ve had to turn down) and there’s loads of ErrantScience content coming out in various different forms in 2019 (animations and books!).

Luckily the real world is settling down and getting easier and in December and November we did just about get back on track. Which is good because 2019 we are hoping to get back some energy and get ErrantScience back to releasing regular good quality content!

We have a pretty good idea of what we’re doing/changing in 2019 but one thing we’ve not done in a while is ask the readers what they like/don’t like. So below is a short survey that we would be crazy grateful if you could fill in. It will make us make better things… or more of the same thing, or less worse things. Basically things of some form will be better.

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