This is unprecedented: this is the second ‘meta’ blog post in a month! Normally we do these once a year at MOST. So for those wanting some irreverent science, this is not your week I’m afraid.

A while back we did the survey into what people enjoy on ErrantScience and ErrantScience: Clutter. The survey had 84 responses – which is 83 people more than I expected and I am HUGELY grateful.

Some fun findings from it were: 78% of people said that the cartoons were their favourite thing about the site; over half the people read the site weekly; 70% of people had never heard of Clutter; and not a single person had bought anything from our store. Lastly, one person said they were worried I was going to run out of cartoon ideas (I have a HUGE folder of cartoon drafts, we’re good for a long time yet…)

So the key things we took away from it are below.

  • People love cartoons
  • People REALLY love cartoons
  • Clutter is invisible
  • What store?

As a result, we’re going to be making some changes to ErrantScience and ErrantScience: Clutter. The biggest change is that we’re going to merge them into one site, so there is no excuse for not reading Clutter and not buying anything from our store. Mwahahaha. Also because we fancied a change, so we’ll be visually altering the site too!

The schedule of when things are posted is going to change a little as well. As clearly EVERYBODY loves cartoons, new ones are going to be published on ErrantScience every single Monday to brighten your weeks.

Wednesdays are going to be for written content – each month there will be a blog post from me, Michelle and a guest. We love guest posts (please let us know if you’d like to write for us!).

If once a week isn’t enough cartoon action for you, throughout the week we’ll be sharing extra cartoons on our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook throughout the week too, so make sure to follow us there.

So to recap!

  • Monday – Cartoons based blog post
  • Wednesday – Written blog (MCeeP, Michelle and Guests)
  • Everyday – CARTOONS! on social media

Once we’ve got our brains around making that all happen, we’ll be adding some more cartoony sciency merch to the store too… stay tuned. It’s going to be an exciting year for ErrantScience as Michelle and I (hopefully) have a much less hectic time ahead. We really appreciate everyone who filled out the survey so that we can improve what we do.

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