So as you can see, we’ve had a bit of a revamp. Isn’t it all so shiny and new! Thanks to all the lovely people who filled in our survey, whose input really helped us shape where we’re at now.

The biggest change is that ErrantScience’s sister blog, Clutter, is now incorporated into this main website. We wanted all the content to be easily available to everyone who visits ErrantScience, and especially wanted to make sure our guest posts, which were previously on Clutter, were given the audience they deserve.

We’ve brought all our past guest posts along with us – you can find them under the category cleverly labelled ‘Guests‘ and any links to the old clutter posts will automatically redirect (so if you’ve shared stuff it will all still work).

Another big change is that our Store is now on here too, and we’re going to be populating it with lots of cartoony goodies for you to peruse and purchase. The interface is currently a bit basic but we’re working on it!

The schedule of the blog is going to change a little too.

Written posts are every Wednesday, so each month there will be one from Matthew, one from myself , and one from an awesome guest.

Then on Mondays, you’ll get your cartoon fix – each week Matthew will doodle up a cartoon to share as a post here, but also on our social media channels (did you know we’re on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram? We’ll share a lot of other cartoons throughout the month there!). The aim is to get 3-4 new cartoons out every week.

So there are four main strands of content: written posts from me (‘Clutter‘); written posts from Matthew (‘ErrantWritings‘); amazing guest posts (‘Guests‘); and cartoons (‘ErrantComics‘).

If you’re feeling in the mood for lots of the same kind, you can browse by category using the dropdown box in the main menu. There’s also a category for Site News, which is a post like this. Probably not the kind of blog-binge material you may be looking for.

I think that’s it… oh, well clearly it looks quite a bit different. We’ve gone for something a bit cleaner, a bit more sleek, which hopefully lets you enjoy the content without distraction. Please bear with us if you notice any bugs over the next couple of weeks – better still, let us know if you spot any. We’re always happy to receive feedback, so if you like the changes, hate them, or are completely indifferent, just get in touch!

Thanks for reading and being part of ErrantScience 🙂

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