Phew, August was a hot one here in the UK! Despite melting in the heat, we managed to pull together some pretty good blog posts.

In my post I talked about freelancing, and the challenges facing science communicators (and other freelancers) when charging for work.

Matthew’s blog post was a homage to odd numbers – not 1, 3, 5, 7 etc, but the strange numbers that never get used in science. He finished with a plea to us all to embrace the weird numbers and get them embedded in our science. Hurrah to that!

Finally, our guest post by Dr Erica Hawkins last week encouraged everyone in academia to present a balanced view of a PhD – not just the negativity that often gets seen on social media.

We’ve also had our regular cartoons on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

In other brilliant news, we can now announce that we’ll be attending Norwich Science Festival! Find us in The Forum in Norwich on Saturday 26 October, for their Physics & Astronomy day. There will be cartooning activities for everyone! More info to come, but if you’re in the area, pop the date in your diaries and come along and say hi!

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