Happy new year (again). We’re slowly gearing back up for lots of fun things at ErrantScience. Currently I’m working on two seasonal projects called “hugging a hot water bottle” and “taking all the flu meds”. But luckily both projects are working well enough to carry on with exciting things like a huge sale!

We are very keen to clear out some of our old merchandise stock and make way for new things later this year. Rather than ditch them in the recycling bin we thought we’d sell them off to all of you nice people.

So for anyone wanting a really good deal and fancies planning REALLY early for next Christmas this week only we’re discounting ALL our Christmas cards.

The discount is considerably below our costs to have them made. We’re looking to sell them for just about enough to buy Michelle a nice cup of coffee to enjoy during her walk to the post office.

So go nuts and please please buy very cheap Christmas cards.

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