So we do lots of things. We write stuff, we do live talks and we draw cartoons… a lot of cartoons.

The cartoons we draw are a mix of the random thoughts of the cartoonist (me) and inspiration from reading various science blogs and social medias. But a few times they have been cartoon abstracts which have explained someone’s actual science.

We want to do more of that last bit and it turns out choosing which science to cartoon is tricky!

So we’ve come up with a plan/competition.

We’re going to cartoon the science of various scientists that follow and enjoy our stuff already and we’re going to select a new scientist every month.

Today we shared this instagram post (in future we might do a twitter specific one too).

To enter the competition you need to: follow us on Instagram and share that image on your story (tagging us so we see it) with 2-3 words (or emojis) explaining your area of science.

We’ll pick one that we like the idea of and get in touch to find out more so we can draw a cartoon abstract for you.

So go to our instagram page, share and we’ll get to doing a lot more cartoon abstracts explaining science.

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Caitlyn · 8 February 2020 at 23:51

Aw I love this idea! Can’t wait to see the posts! And you definitely should do a Twitter call (as I don’t have an IG) but no rush because I don’t have a publication yet to abstract. 😀

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