So as I wrote at the beginning of the year, ErrantScience is doing lots of bigger stuff in 2020. The biggest being that I work on it full time now, which is Amazing with a capital A.

But in order to work on it full time does mean we need to make sure we do lots of cartoons that raise money as well as lots of free cartoons for everyone to enjoy. Capitalism is hard.

Over the last few years we’ve actually done this loads. We’ve made cartoons for researchers, giant science companies, product packaging and conferences.

This kind of work has come to us via mostly friends of friends and recommendations which has been great but we’ve realised we MIGHT want to actually tell people a bit more publicly what it is that we do.

So as of today we have pages for that and are official open for commissions!

Aside from this post we won’t be pushing it too much as we’re fairly busy right now and besides who wants to have adverts all the time! But if you want or know someone that wants stuff from us then please get in touch!

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