Ooof 2020 is certainly one hell of a year.

At the start of the year we had so many cool and exciting plans and I think it safe to say all of those are currently hiding under a blanket fort made of face masks.

We don’t normally do site updates mid-year but holy crap so much has happened and so much has changed we felt that one was required so you all knew what we were up to.

The original plan for ErrantScience in 2020 was simple. I would be working on it full time and therefore we could take on more contract work and we could put out more cool stuff for everyone to enjoy (yay stuff). By Feb this was going great as we’d booked a bunch more work, drafted a couple of new projects and started putting out 4 new cartoons a week!

Then in March the plan hit a very slight hiccup. I unexpectedly became a primary school teacher.

For those not in the UK in March all the schools closed in order to help flatten the coronavirus curve. This meant my two kids were at home everyday with packs of work sent by the school and a little note saying “please teach this to your children please”.

Any teachers reading this will be unsurprised to hear that I quickly discovered that being a (sort of) teacher was a full time job and not something I could do while also writing and cartooning. It was also a really fun job, I got to teach two kids to play Beethoven on the ocarina and they taught me what a compound indefinite adjective is.

So my April to July was spent explaining Macbeth (with the help of a great rap) and stealthily googling the spelling of tricky words and pretending I knew them all along. Which I hope goes some way to explaining why during this time there was been a very sharp drop off in the production of new cartoons, blog articles and all the other projects we’d planned.

But things might be changing again… maybe

In theory the UK is slowly opening up again and the schools are going back in September. So yay ErrantScience stuff can start coming back to normal as well… well maybe.

I mean who knows at this point, everything changes almost daily and if you look at the best scientific advice then ‘normal’ is quite a long way off.

So. We still have all these exciting plans for ErrantScience and we are going to do them… but our timescales are currently *shrug emoji*.

Also we’d love to have some new guest writers come and share their thoughts on the massive changes we’ve all been going through. Please get in touch with us and we’ll help share your experiences, with cartoons!

We will keep putting out new content that we can and I am furiously prepping content any time I get a free evening so that we have some new things to share.

But should I be called on to be a stand-in primary school teacher again I’m afraid ErrantScience is again going to go on a mini hiatus. I love making cartoons but I love helping my kids learn stuff more so they get first dibs right now.

Besides I’ve just bought the tabs for playing the Foo Fighters on the ocarina, so if there’s another Monkey Wrench in our plans I’ve got plenty to be getting on with.

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