So we’ve been making ErrantScience in some form since 2012 (this year actually marks our 9 year anniversary). Since then people from all over the world have read and (hopefully) enjoyed our cartoons, blog posts, animations and even on a few rare occasions, videos.

The content we’ve made has changed over time and morphed and evolved to match both what people want and what we enjoy creating. Finding the balance between creating content that people are looking for and what we can, or want to create is always tricky. For example we’ve had numerous requests for more comics about coffee but as a tea and coffee drinker I don’t feel I can unfairly bias our comics one way or the other on such a contentious issue.

Like I said tricky stuff.

There is also things we want to do but just simply can’t. For example I am keenly aware that we only produce content in English despite many of our readers being from non-English speaking countries. But as I barely cope with English I had long written off making multilingual ErrantScience comics.

Until now!

A few months back I was contacted by Corrado from La Scienza Coatta (@ScienzaCoatta). La Scienza Coatta is a group of young, voluntering scientists (all disciplines) making a solid scientific communication using the slang of Rome They are a big fans or ErrantScience and our comics and wanted to try and give then the La Scienza Coatta treatment and translate them in to Itallian (with a bit of Rome slang thrown in).

Obviously we were thrilled and jumped at the chance to have someone translate our work for a whole new audience! Over the last few weeks La Science Cotta has been hard at work translating and editing our comics into a whole new language.

So now not only can you read ErrantScience in their native English but thanks to La Scienza Coatta you can now go read them in Italian! I’ve been told that occasionally some of the jokes don’t quite work in Italian but the people over at La Scienza Coatta do a great job of not only translating the words but also changing things to make the jokes work.

We are super pleased that someone is doing this. It’s cool project even beyond our comics and I’m glad that our content has a life in a whole other language.

Vai a dare un’occhiata

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