As of this week the ErrantScience store is closed.

We’re very sorry for this as I know many of you enjoy our yearly xmas card and other badge goodies. Sadly however we have not yet managed to negotiate the complex and annoying Brexit based paperwork we need to keep the store open.

Currently we can have the store open but we can’t ship to anyone in the EU… which is about 70% of our sales.

We have just about worked out how to re-open it again in 2022 but we need a few months to get the paperwork sorted and check that we’ve done everything properly (or at least properly to whatever the current made up hurdles there are).

We can still do individual custom orders of mugs, posters etc so please contact us as normal if you see a cartoon you want made into something. But for now the general store is closed.

So quick summer, store closed, Brexit did it, back soon.

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