As you may already know, as well as making various silly comics ErrantScience also makes custom cartoons on request. Sometimes these are cartoons based on a paper, or a thesis which we craft over a period of a few weeks involving lots of edits and careful consideration. Other times these are cartoons based on a talk which I have to slam out in 15 minutes before the speaker gets off the stage.

A few weeks back I drew FOURTY FOUR of these quick cartoons for AI4SD’s 2022 Conference as part of live cartooning the event.

Each cartoon is based on the AI4SD talks covering AI and Machine Learning with some amazing extra talks on music listening, publishing and running a visual summer school. They were normally single panel cartoons designed to both find the humour and explain something about the talk and they are always finished before the end of the talk ready to ping out on social media.

Live cartooning action shot (Credit: AI4SD photographer)

As far as cartooning goes it’s about as intense as it gets. In 15 minutes I have to understand the talk, come up with something to draw, and then draw it. Generally if I’ve not had a good idea by about 7 minutes in then panic sets in and any cartoon I draw has a lot more mistakes and wobbly lines as I furiously sketch it. In the case of AI4SD there was one talk where the first 6 slides were ALL equations, that one was pretty down to the wire.

You can find all the cartoons I drew for the conference in the gallery below.

One of our favourite parts is hearing how much the presenters like their cartoons. For example a presenter liked it so much that it’s now been made into a collection of mugs for their team!

If you’d like us to come live cartoon an event for you then please do get in touch with us via our contact page.

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