Free stuff is the best! And a close second is cartoons. So you can understand why we were excited at the idea of putting on a free talk about cartoons! I’d love to claim there are more complex reasons behind putting on our talk but we are simple cartoon-loving people with simple cartoon-based ideas.

We’ve given a version of our talk “How To Cartoon Your Science” many times over the years to a wide range of audiences and its something we are really keen to share with people as it’s not only a fun talk but also a message that we really want to get across. Giving this mini-version online seemed like a good way of spreading the idea of drawing science cartoons even further!

You can watch the talk natively on Facebook where we hosted it or you can watch it in the embedded video below free of logins, likes and Facebook cookies. Enjoy and tells us what you think in the comments!

Recording of our How to cartoon your science live event from the 21st of February 2023

We are obviously very interested in what everyone thought of the talk but we certainly enjoyed putting it on and will certainly be considering doing more in the future. Watch this space!

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