Every year the Royal Society of Chemistry runs an amazing Twitter poster conference called RSCPoster. The conference runs for 24 hours and has thousands of participants from all over the world posting posters and talking chemistry!

As we have in previous years we spend the conference reading these posters and drawing cartoon abstracts for as many of them as possible in 24 hours! This year we managed to cartoon 20 posters with topics ranging from photocatalysis to hands-on chemistry lessons and we even had to do a vibe check on one poster.

We also ran 4 live streams showing some live cartooning and some behind-the-scenes. Most featured my cat who was very keen on being involved.

You can check out all the cartoons below, each one has a link to their original poster and I encourage you to go read any that you find interesting!

These cartoons were just a fraction of number we were asked to draw for people as we were inundated with requests. But even though we didn’t manage to draw full cartoons for all the requests we wanted to do something so below you can see the mega mini-cartoon selection for all those people that took the time to write to us.

Please look up their Twitter handles to find out all about why I’ve drawn each of the mini cartoons… they probably all make sense 😉

We will hopefully be back next year with more Royal Society of Chemistry cartoons and if you can’t wait that long to get your work cartooned then please drop us a line on our contact page and we’ll see what we can do for you.

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