Last week we put up a post on Facebook, Instagram and Mastodon asking for some sciency ideas to cartoon. We asked because first off we wanted to draw the things you want to see and secondly it’s always important to make sure there are not areas that are missing some well-deserved cartoons.

You all responded very enthusiastically and filled the comments sections (and replies) with a whole host of sciencey ideas to choose from! So many in fact that it felt like far too much for one cartoonist, so we had to put up some kind of strange cartoon-style bat signal (it projects a poorly drawn stylus in the sky).

Isla the friendly and helpful illustrator answered that call!

You can read more about Isla here but the quick summary is that she’s a brilliant field scientist that somehow finds time to draw cartoons.

So armed with a collection of cartoon idea comments we spent 2 hours cartooning and managed to make six new cartoons based on those suggestions. Check out below what we managed to come up with!

Thank-you to all of you who commented and sorry we didn’t manage to do more of them. If we find time to do more of them we’ll be sure to let you know and credit your ideas.

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