First conceived in 2015, RSCPoster is the Royal Society of Chemistry online-only worldwide social media poster event. Originally tagged #RSCAnalyticalPoster it was designed to be an event that was easy to attend and easy to engage with, for chemistry researchers all around the world. In 2017 it rebranded #RSCPoster and ErrantScience joined in and started cartooning.

That is not strictly accurate as I actually submitted a poster to the 2016 RSCAnalyticalPoster conference and it had a hidden stick figure (as do all of my scientific publications, best of luck finding them). But in 2017 we started cartooning other submissions to RSCPoster and we didn’t hide them we stuck them up online and crossed our fingers in the hope that the poster authors would like them. Luckily they did (you can see them all at this link) and 2023 marks the SEVENTH year we’ve been drawing CartoonAbstracts live for RSCPoster, and loving it 🙂

2023 was a little different than the previous 6 years as RSCPoster was originally conceived and run using the site-previously-known-as-Twitter. But this year the organisers wanted to try something new and ran the whole thing on LinkedIn. Since the last time I was job-hunting (which is normally the only time I used LinkedIn) LinkedIn has undergone quite a big change and now thanks to various posting methods making running a fast-moving event like RSCPoster possible.

So on the 5th of March at exactly 12:00 RSCPoster 2024 went live and a deluge of posters from all over the world poured into my LinkedIn feed. And just like normal, we got cartooning…

In total, we cartooned 21 posters and drew 24 cartoons which is around 1 per hour for the full 24 hours. Which, considering how much very varied chemistry I had to read and understand, is dizzyingly fast.

We had far more requests for cartoons than we could get to. We’re very sorry if we didn’t manage to cartoon your poster. We might revisit those posters if we get the chance so please look out for your work popping up if you sent us a message.

A quick check of our archives shows that we’ve now drawn ~140 cartoons for posters at RSCPoster. I can’t help but agree with one of the comments we got “We really need a book of these”. Who knows, maybe by the next RSCPoster

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