Working the lab

The big decision has been made, you have picked the right supervisor. They’re going to help you flourish and develop into the perfect, employable graduate student. They’ll always be there to answer all your questions, but wait, what? What do you mean they’re in another country, before going to a Read more…

The art of supervisor wrangling

A colleague of mine was sitting beside a senior academic at a conference. A young researcher was giving a presentation on the preliminary results from their doctoral research, and the senior academic was really impressed. The topic coincided perfectly with his research interests. Meeting the young researcher over coffee, the Read more…

Clutter 2017 round-up: The guest posts

In February this year, Clutter lept onto the web with all eight legs. Since then, we’ve featured blog posts from 10 lovely guests, on wide-ranging topics all the from troublesome fellowship applications to science tabletop gaming.

Below is a round-up of this year’s fantastic guest posts. But we would love to have more for next year! Would you like to write for us in 2018? Please get in touch – we’d love to hear from you!

The Fellowship Fallacy

Research fellowships are often touted by institutions and funders as THE NEXT BIG STEP for postdocs by tempting fledgling researchers with the opportunity to apply for funds – either to conduct research themselves, or to set up their own research group of resplendent laboratory minions. However, like many things in Read more…

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