Clutter 2017 round-up: The guest posts

In February this year, Clutter lept onto the web with all eight legs. Since then, we’ve featured blog posts from 10 lovely guests, on wide-ranging topics all the from troublesome fellowship applications to science tabletop gaming.

Below is a round-up of this year’s fantastic guest posts. But we would love to have more for next year! Would you like to write for us in 2018? Please get in touch – we’d love to hear from you!

Welcome to Clutter

Hello, and welcome to Clutter! Clutter is a place for science, scientists and those working in science areas to share their musings and insights. Why ‘Clutter’? Well, I did a PhD in spider locomotion, and a ‘clutter’ is a collective noun for a group of spiders. A clutter of spiders. In this Read more…