Blogging; totally worth a go

This is my first post to Occam’s Irregulars and when I was planning out what I wanted to write, I though that I needed something that was going to have a splash and get plenty of clicks. But that sounded hard and possibly requiring of either talent or some kind of Buzzfeed-esq list format. So instead, I’m going for the much easier option of increasing the competition to the point where I can claim that the 10 views I get is totally understandable what with all those new science blogs that just started up.

A work of fiction

So I have come to grudgingly admit that I quite like writing stupid stuff for posting online. And what’s more, I am starting to think that I might enjoy writing other stuff too. I was somewhat blown away by how much people loved my mini-fiction pieces in the ‘choose you own adventure’ post a while back, and I was sort of interested to try doing it again. So after some encouragement from the editor of ErrantScience, I have agreed to have a go at writing a bit of actual fiction.