One service we offer is drawing cartoons for events, live!

Typically our cartoonist comes to the event, sits in the audience and draws cartoons during each of the talks. For longer talks (~30 mins) we can get a cartoon drawn up and out on social media by the end of the talk.

The aim of these cartoons is to highlight the content of the talk on social media. This helps you engage with a wider audience both during and after the event. A happy bonus is that we find the speakers are pretty excited to get a cartoon of their work.

The cartoons we produce are aimed typically at a non-expert but science literate audience and seek to explain and entertain.

In the past we’re done this for short one day events (Figshare), longer 5-6 day conferences (EGU) and Twitter conferences (Royal Society of Chemistry). Click on the links – you can see the kind of cartoons we produced for them.

Pricing for this varies based on the specific structure of the event but generally we charge for a day’s work and travel.

Contact us if you’re interested in ErrantScience coming to cartoon your event!

Example projects