Never has explaining science to the public been more important. From schools to adults, everyone is better off for better understanding the world and technologies around them. It’s importance is highlighted by the outreach it is given by funders, universities, companies and societies all of whom want to promote science through outreach projects.

For the last 5, years we’ve supported and designed outreach projects for a wide range of clients looking for ideas or support to communicate their science. Previous projects include:

  • Developing a chemistry focused boardgame
  • Producing a youtube series
  • Quantum mechanics children’s book
  • How to draw science events for school kids

In all of these projects, we’ve helped develop ideas that make science fun, engaging and interesting. We have also worked hard to ensure that any project is also measurable so that future projects can build on them.

We also have extensive experience in helping prepare grant applications for outreach funds. So we can help not only design outreach projects but also get those projects the funding they need.

If you have an outreach project idea or some science you’d like to promote then get in touch using the button below.

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