We have a combined 26 years experience working in research and social media. During that time we’ve developed a range of training events to help researchers.

Some previous training events we’ve run have been focused on:

These events have ranged from short talks to all-day seminars with hands-on elements. Recent clients have included the Royal Society of Chemistry, the University of Boston, Southampton University and Scientific Laboratory Supplies.

Somewhat related to training we have done a number of science talks. These are often aimed at a broad audience and focus on making various aspects of science fun. These can act as fantastic scientific icebreakers at conferences or some fun educational on-off talks.

  • How to cartoon science
  • Fiber optics can save the world
  • Spiders Aren’t Scary
  • Bioinspired robotics
  • Data science sharing is good for everyone
  • Science is surprising

Pricing for talks or training depends on the length but normally includes travel to the event (where needed, all talks can be provided virtually) and 1-3 days of preparation.

You can get in touch with the button above or using our contact form if you’d be interested in having ErrantScience come run a training event or give a talk for you.