Python is a fantastic tool for pretty much anyone who works with computers. It is amazingly flexible and even if you are not a power user, there are tons of packages already available to help you do some very complex work. I have only started using python relatively recently (mid 2012) but it is fantastically powerful once you get to know it.

One problem I do have with python is getting my code in to any kind of sensible shape to share. This is mostly a result of my inexperience with the language – I can write useable code, just not code anyone but me will ever understand. Because of this I don’t have a lot of stuff to share but for what it’s worth, here is some of the more publicly friendly snippets.

  • Elasticity calc iconElasticity calculator – A very basic script for calculating the elasticity of a monolayer from raw surface pressure data.
  • Gas sensor model iconGas sensor modelling – A method of modelling the number of gas particle impacts on a defined sensor surface. This goes with a chapter on modelling from my PhD thesis.

I will try to get some of my larger creations into some semblance of neatness and get them up as soon as they are done.