So here at ErrantScience we have a slightly ineffable internal editorial rules of what we write and cartoon about. It may seem like a random walk of insane ramblings but I promise there is reason behind what we publish.

The general rule is that ErrantScience is about sharing life in research and helping others communicating science, it is not a news service.

Typically this means that we steer clear of whatever current news story is doing the rounds in the press and focus on other things. However, Coronavirus has caused no small amount of re-consideration of this editorial rule.

The Coronavirus is a massive huge deal that is going to be very much all consuming for a lot of people for short term foreseeable future. We can’t just carry on writing articles about missing spatulas and drawing cartoons mocking paper writing.

So from this week, until thing die down a bit, we are going to start producing regular educational content specially focused on the Coronavirus.

This content will be in addition to what we normally put out and during the week we’ll mostly stick to our regular nonsense. There are a lot of researchers working very hard all around the world in their labs and we’d hate to deprive them of our irreverent output.

But every Sunday we are going to put out a new cartoon based on Coronavirus publications and WHO information which we hope will help people deal with all this and understand COVID-19 and SARS-COVID-19 a little better.

On Saturdays we’re going to re-share previous Coronavirus content. However, all the content we make will have a reference and a date attached. If we become aware that information has changed – what we know is changing fast – we will try and update and flag cartoons that are no longer accurate.

We’re also going to need help from you. If you see a publication that you’d like us to cartoon please let us know. If you see a cartoon that you think is wrong, tell us! We want to make our information as accurate as possible and will be very glad to be told we got something wrong so we can fix it.

This is just a science communication blog, we can’t do much to help in this pandemic but if we can at least help educate and share the right information then we would be very happy about that.

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