One of the most important parts of sharing science is understanding the stories within your science. In this training, we show how stories are developed, their design and examples of science stories (in a variety of media formats). We then help researchers look at their own science and see the stories (both big and small) and guide them to developing their story ideas. This can have benefits not only in outreach but also in the planning of research.

The course we offer is made bespoke to fit the audience and host requirements but the below is a general starting structure we’ve used for courses we’ve run before.

  • What is a story?
  • What are some good science stories
  • Why tell a story?
  • Big stories and little stories explained
  • How to tell a story of your work
  • How stories can aid research
  • How to get started

This training has multiple feedback components and activities that hopefully mean that any researcher finishes the course with a story of their own and the frame work to come up with more.

We typically work with the host to ensure that any training fits within their own brand, privacy and advertising guidelines.

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