We love cartoons. I doubt that comes as a shock to you, what with us being an entirely cartoon-based blog. But not only do we love the cartoons we make but we love basically all science cartoons and nothing would make us happier than there being hundreds of other science cartoonists out there.

As it turns out the wonderful people at The Geological Society share this cartoon-based feeling and invited us up to their very fancy-looking London office at Burlington House to give a talk all about How to Cartoon Geology.

We’ve given talks like this many times before but for this talk, we actually rebuilt our entire PowerPoint deck and added in a LOT of geology-focused examples. It turns out that with relatively little research we found a lot of brilliant geology-cartoonists to talk about and discuss. The most amazing being the creator of Professor Ickthiosaur (you’ll have to watch the talk to find out more about them).

We also wanted a talk that fitted a broad audience of both scientists and people interested in science so there were plenty of cartoons to giggle at and even a brief do-it-yourself section that people seemed to respond very well to (lots of scribbling pencil noises).

There was also a special appearance of our long-standing friend Emma who both helped out as an example but also showed off some excellent modelling skills.

If you didn’t make it along to the talk then you can catch the YouTube recording below.

We hope that everyone who came or watched online enjoyed it, we’ve certainly enjoyed seeing all the cartoons people have drawn and I hope those who drew something carry on drawing as the world needs more cartoons.

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